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1.33 MWp Solar PV power project at Sohar Industrial Port Area, Sultanate of Oman

Majis Industrial Services S.A.O.C: Majis is a closely-held joint stock company owned by the Government of Oman and is engaged in providing various water utility services at Sohar Industrial Port Area (SIPA), Sohar Free Zone (SFZ) and Sohar Industrial Estate (SIE). Majis’ facilities provide potable, irrigation, process and cooling water services along with sewage and effluent collection network to various industries at SIPA.



Detailed Description

Impressed by its core engineering competencies, Majis had hired Gensol as its frontline consultant to ensure that the design being proposed by its EPC contract adheres to the best principles of quality and is stamped with an engineering finesse. Gensol’s deep-rooted experience in engineering solar projects has helped Majis meticulously review the drawings submitted by its EPC contractor.

As a part of this assignment, Gensol has also reviewed and validated important documents like Power Evacuation Procedure, Testing & Commissioning Procedure, Performance Testing Procedure & O&M Procedure on behalf of Majis, which are crucial inputs in raising a technically sound solar PV power project.


Services Provided for the Project
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