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Gensol is a microcosm of young thinkers, engineers and leaders dedicated to help the world build solar power projects that maximise investor profits. Gensol is the “one stop shop” for anybody and everybody who wants to take up solar as a possible avenue of investment.

Gensol is a team of Solar Experts & Engineers with experience of 28,000+ MW.
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Gensol Group Values
Spirit of Partnership

Our fabric of relationship with our clients, suppliers and employees is knit with key values of fairness, respect, culture of service and brotherhood.

Taking 360 Degrees View

Since strong customer-centricity is at the core of our business, we do not mind going that extra mile and burning the midnight oil to make our clients feel special.

Health & Safety

Gensol is actively engaged in promoting highest standards of occupational safety at all its project sites, thus, vouching for a work culture that ensures guilt-free success.

Driven by Engineering

“Engineers don’t sit back and watch; they make things happen” are words of some wise men. Our unabating passion for engineering has helped us constantly provide services to clients that lead to optimisation of resources and quicker turnaround of investment.

Quality Focused

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking, we are inclined to believe. Our dedication towards our work has been an outcome of unwavering intentions, sincere efforts and adept execution.

Hands On

With an immutable penchant for engineering, we are not theorists but strong believers in getting hands soiled with actual action on ground, since it is through experience that we learn what not to do.

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Want to learn more about how Gensol can help ?